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Here below, are some terms I used in this document, or that terms that are related to the celebration called Halloween.
At the end, I list the references I used for the definitions below.

You can choose a letter to go directly :



A form of science that is believed to be from Egypt or Greek origins. They believe that metals possessed some magical power. Alchemists tried to make gold with other metals or stones. They also believe to find immortality in the so-called "fountain of life". Alchemy is a complex subject with many different interconnected aspects...


An object worn to protect the one who wear it from sickness, accident, evil spirits, spells, etc. They can be made of precious stones, gold, etc. The Egyptians used it as a necklace, and the emblems could be one of their deities. The people who wear an amulet "think" they are protected against the evil forces. The only protection that someone needs is Jesus Christ' blood. That's why Christians can sing "There is power in the blood..." Demons are afraid of Jesus and His blood. The apostle James tells us: "You believe that there is one God; you do well: the Devils also believe and tremble." James 2:19.



An apparition is a spirit (or a ghost) that appear in the visible world. They live in the invisible world (also called spirit world), yet at times, appears or manifests itself to be seen by humans. (See spectre)



A form of divination. The word astrology comes from the Greek: αστρολογία, astron (άστρον), "star" and logos (λόγος), "word". It is believed that the celestial bodies have some influence on human affairs and/or terrestrial events. At birth, according to the positioning of these celestial bodies astrologers can "understand" and "interpret" its influence on someone's life. Astrologers, With the study of the positions and movements of planets, believe it has an effect and/or it makes up the character of that person's life. There are 12 zodiac signs (See Horoscope).



Baphomet is an image of a goat symbolizing satan . This image became popular when Anton Szandor LaVey wrote the satanic bible in 1966. On this bible, we can notice baphomet's head in the pentagram's logo. Some believe that this term was first used by the Knights Templar.


One of symbols associated with witchcraft and Halloween. It is a good representation of darkness, for this mammal lives by night and sleep by day. We often see drawings of witch with a bat somewhere around. Most bats are fruits eater. On the other hand, vampire bats are mostly found in some parts of Central and South America, but not in North America.



It is believed that he is one of the high ranking Demons. He is also called "lord of the flies". There are many references of beelzebub in the Bible (Matthew 10:25, 12:24,27, Mark 3:22, Luke 11:15,18-19).



Magick used in an evil way. Some say it is the ancestor of satanism. It is used to harm someone by contacting " spirits", rightly called demons. Some say they had problems when they contacted those Demons. It is intended to be "worst" than the white magic, yet they say they are using the same "power".



Term used by Christian who have had a spiritual rebirth (that's why we also say born AGAIN). This term is also used by the New Agers to suggest they have been reincarnated.



Used in New Age and spiritualism to communicate with the spirit world. This occurs when a demon spirit uses a human body to transmit information to a third party. The New Age movement uses the term channelling instead of a more appropriate term, demons possession.



An object like an amulet or a talisman. Some "believed" it has magical powers. It could also be used as a spell by chanting or reciting it.



The ability to perceive situations or things beyond our natural world, or senses. Some believe they can tell the future by "seeing" in the spiritual realm. See divination.



An assembly of witches. There are between 5 and 50 witches in a witchcraft coven. The norm would be 12-15. The leader of a coven is called high priest (for male or high priestess for the female).



A transparent sphere or ball-shaped object used by clairvoyants to "tell" the future. When the clairvoyant fix the Crystal Ball, known as scrying or "Crystal Gazing", He/she enters into a trance state and is "able" to view future events. As someone says: "If they could tell the future, why can't they know what would be next the numbers for the lotto!!! (See divination).



Divination using a crystal ball. Comes from the Greek "crystallyus" and the word "manteia" which means divination. Also know as "Crystal Gazing" (See scrying).



Clear or colored stones, yet always transparent. Some believed the crystal have some magical power or cosmic energy that can be used to "see" the future (See crystal ball ).



A small religious group. Most of the cults are led by a radical leader. It is not to be mixed up with a sect. Many people in cults have antisocial behavior, but don't consider themselves as such. Several people of these cults do not recognize they are belonging in one. One group called "the Order of the Solar Temple" is considered a cult.



An evil spirit or, as it is sometimes translated, a devil. In some circles demons are considered to be beneficent in that they guide humans in making decisions. To the Christians (from a biblical perspective), demons are the agents of satan.



The name of the devil (satan) in Persian.



Derived from the Greek diabolos which is translated "accuser" or "slanderer". According to the Bible, the devil fell from Heaven. Before his fall, his name was Lucifer ("Son of the morning") or satan and he was the worship leader of God. He was the prettiest angel around, but because of his pride, he got kicked out of Heaven. At one point he even tried to replace God, our creator. He is NOT the opposite of God (as in yin and yan), for he also,is a creature, as we are, made by God. We can find the story of the devil in the Bible in the following books: Isaiah 14:11-15 and Ezekiel 28:12-16. In satanism, he is the master, or the one called god. He is the object of worship and sacrifice. In some witchcraft groups, they don't believe in the existence of evil. In other witchcraft groups, particularly in black magic, the devil is a principle of evil. Most of those groups make pacts with the devil and make a mark on their body to prove their allegiance to him. One of the lies of the devil is that none can come back to God because first they made a pact with him and second they have an irremovable mark. That is not true! The Bible specifically talks about the devil as a liar (John 8:44)for he came to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). When you read the Bible correctly, you clearly understand the devil is only a fallen angel and, at the end of times, he will be cast into the everlasting fire, or Hell (Revelation 20:10). When I play any game I play to win. The Bible reveal the end of the game and tells us the devil has lost it! Logically if your like me and prefer winning, then you need to chose to the winner, Jesus! The devil try to hide it, but we can ALWAYS ask God in Jesus' name for forgiveness and be completely forgiven of ANY sin if it is done honestly before God(1 John 1:9). We may be able to foul most people, but NOT God!



The attempt to foretell and/or explore the future with other means than by God or by the Holy Spirit. Popular ways of divinations are : astrology, the tarot cards, the crystal ball, the numerology. The Bible clearly forbids anyone to use DIVINATION to know the future (Deuteronomy 18:9-12).



Also called "D & D"; a game that involves imaginary role-playing that needs our interaction. This game is played in the Middle Age period. There is a master of the game called Dungeon Master. He is the one who decides what kind of missions his players would have, the treasures to be found, the monsters, the number of players, etc. As we notice, the Dungeon Master controls everything. Concerning the players, everyone chooses the identity they want, based on their desire and on certain criteria of the game and/or of the Dungeon Master. They can choose anything such as sorcerer, monster, Demons, witches, thief, warrior, etc. Unfortunately there is a lot of occult in this game. The players can cast spells are comprised mainly of the world of the occult. Players who participate in "D & D " are usually teenagers. Because it is so involving and absorbing, it involved a great deal of time. Players have been known to fulfill roles that transport them great distances from home. Some psychologists believe "D & D" has the potential of distorting a person's ability to distinguish fantasy from reality. Reports of harm and even death attributed to "D & D" have appeared in newspaper across the United States. When I was a teenager I did play this game. There were times when certain friends would try to kill their "friends" players, I'm talking about killing the character of a certain person. These situation caused problems among friends...



In the Gaelic, the word druid means "finding or knowing the Oak tree." For the druids, the oak tree was sacred. The Romans tells us they used magic in their practices. Unfortunately the nature of the magic they used is unknown. They were the intellectual leaders of the Celtic community. They were learned people, for they study astronomy, medicine, and philosophy, etc. In their religion, they believe in reincarnation (immortality of the soul).



The act of influencing by charm or by incantations the practice of magical arts.



A sorcerer, a magician, or anyone who uses the human voice or music to bring another person under psychic control, in other words, under his/her control.



The basic thrust is that of possessing "secret" knowledge or truths that remain hidden, secret, or veiled and is available only to those who have been designated or initiated to receive it. Esoteric knowledge is very common among the cult.



Fairies, were believed to live underground or in dark places. Through time they were believed to be transformed into elves or even goblins (the later one is the French name of fairies). They are not imaginary, but in Britain, these little dark-skinned people of about 4 ½ feet high wore green clothing to protect themselves from their enemies. Because they lived in the woods, the green was a perfect color since it blended with the forests or the fields. Because of their small size, the Celts believed they were fairies and evil.



It is a spirit ( demon) who impersonates someone who is dead. It could act as a companion or attendant to witches or warlocks. Though sometimes human, familiar usually assumed the shape of animals…



To tell the future by supernatural or mystical means. It uses different ways to achieve its purposes, such as crystal balls, numerology, tarot cards, etc.



A manifestation (appearance) of a spirit being (believe to be the soul of a dead person or a demon ) in a body form.



An evil spirit or demonic presence who robs graves in order to feed on the corps of the dead. A ghoul is among the most frightening and dangerous of all the Demons .



Goblins are believed to be the same as fairies.



A spirit in a séance, available to offer assistance, guidance, or advice, to the medium attempting to contact the spirit world. Guides are usually gurus, sages, Hindu, masters, priests, and other great spiritual leaders from the centuries past. I believe that those spirits who are call guides, or spirit guides, are in fact Demons. In some occult groups, they believe their guide is the Holy Spirit. They are saying this because the Bible said He (the Holy Spirit ) shall teach you and guide you into all truth, John 14:26 and John 16:13. It is impossible that He shall be their guide because the Holy Spirit help only those who are Christians.



Form of divination in which an individual walks in a circle repetitiously until he or she collapses from exhaustion or dizziness. The person then proceeds to prognosticate the future based on the position of the fall.



The occurrence of supernatural visitations; the source of hauntings are usually ghosts, apparitions, or other manifestations of spirits returning from the dead… Accompanying phenomena include noises, lights and objects being moved or transported by an invisible source, drops in temperature and extremely unpleasant odors. I believe that all of the supernatural phenomena mentioned above are related to Demons.



Modern name of pagan festival Samhain. It is celebrated the evening of October 31, preceding All Saint's Day. It is the most important holiday on the witches calendar. Some people in the occult believe it is the best time to communicate with the dead. The Ancient druids believed this occasion merited celebration because Saman, the lord of death, brought back the souls of the wicked who had been condemned to inhabit the bodies of animals. Now let's look at the transition of the name of this pagan holiday:

-It was called the evening of "All Saints Day" (a day to celebrate ALL the saints), for it was celebrated on the eve of "All Soul’s Day".
-from then on it became called "All Hallowed Evening" (or "All Hallowed Eve") the evening for all saints.
-Then it progress to "All Hallow E'en" ("E’en" is an abreviate term like eve, and means evening).
-With linguistic sliding and through the years, we now have the term Halloween has we know it today.

If we look around us, we notice that this celebration is closely related with death and all that surrounds it. People consult more mediums and do more divinations during this "holiday". Though it contains christian terms, this festival and its practices have occultic roots and NOT Christians ones...



The highest ranking male leader in a witchcraft coven or a satanic group.



The highest female leader in a witchcraft coven. The high priestess receives her authority by passing through several stages. First she must become a member of the coven by becoming a skilled witch. Second, she proves her leadership capabilities. Finally, she is admitted to the priesthood before she's chosen as the high priestess.



In the Bible HE is called by several names : Holy Spirit, Spirit of God, Spirit of the Lord, Spirit of Jesus Christ, The Spirit, etc. I included this term because several people playing with the occult , including the new age religion, for they are thinking they are talking to the Holy Spirit, when in fact, they are talking to a demon. He is different from the Father and the Son. He has His own personality, and has emotions, for He can convict, lead, be grieved, comfort our Spirit, be lied to, etc. He is more than a force, as some may believe, he is God, as much as the Father is and the Son is. I remember there was a person, we will call him Joe, who had a spiritual " guide". He said his "guide " is very gentle and nice. One day someone ask Joe to ask his "guide" who is Jesus Christ. The gentle "guide" that he was referring to, suddenly he became angry. The demon revealed himself at the name of Jesus for there is POWER in that name and everything is revealed, Hebrews 4:12. Joe was thinking his "guide" was the Holy Spirit. Yet by the reaction to the powerful name of Jesus, the demon was discovered. The Holy Spirit talks about the truth and guide us into all truth, John 16:13 (See Spirit Guide).



In astrology, the heavens are arranged in 360 degrees, the purpose of which is to ascertain the precise positions of the planets at a moment in time and to determine the signs of the zodiac. Astrologers use the horoscope to determine the future…



The use of spells or verbal charms spoken (or sung) as a part of a ritual to bring magic into one's life. It can also be a written or recited formula of words designed to produce a particular effect.



Floating freely in the air with no means of support. It is believed to be spiritual, or supernatural. It could be on a human body or any object being suspended in the air with no apparent means of support. Some religious occult groups have claimed to accomplish this phenomena. I truly believe those objects (or human beings) are being raised up in the air for real, but I also believe there are invisible Demons playing with these it. If you have notice these things always occur during the night and NEVER in Real Christian Churches…



Another name for satan before his fall from Heaven. In the Bible (King James Version, KJV) he is also described as "bright start" or "star of the morning" in the New American Standard Bible (NASB). Reference to him are found in the Bible in Ezekiel 28:12-14 and Isaiah 14:12-36. These references are talking about Lucifer in his initial condition. Some satanists and other people involve in the occult, believe Lucifer is more powerful than the God of Christianity. Some see him as equal power to the God of the Bible. We have to remember God created Lucifer, so they cannot be opposite, or lower in position and/or rank for the God of Christians is The Creator!



Term used mostly by magicians and/or illusionists who does "tricks" to seduce the eye. See magick for the use of supernatural powers.



Ability to manipulate and/or control the nature for selfish purposes. The addition of the letter "k" to magic was done by Aleister Crowley. He wanted to distinguish between the magic as being "slight of hand" used by magicians and illusionists and the magick used in conjunction with ritual for people who deals with the occult.



One skilled in magick for occult purposes, or magic for illusion and sleight of hand.



A person who is an intermediary between our world and the supernatural (spirit ) world. These people may use objects such as a Ouija Board, a crystal ball, etc. to convey a messages to the living. The medium may also use his/her body to tell the audience what the spirit ( demon) has to say regarding the question asked about a specific deceased person.



The rite of communication with the dead... The necromancer's purpose is to seek out information regarding the future. There are two main braches: Divination wih the help of a ghost and Divination from corpses.



Beyond the realm of empirical knowledge; the supernatural; that which is secret or hidden. The study of the occult is generally classified into three different areas: 1- Spiritism, 2- Fortune-Telling , 3- magic.



Possessing an object belonging to a specific person, it's the ability to tell that person's future using the object.



Transfer of a soul (spirit) from one body to another. A soul that lives under a new body form. (See my text concerning this subject). When Jesus came back from the dead he took the SAME body, not another body. At one point He told his disciples to touch the wholes on his body from the nails (John 20:20,27). Therefore He hasn't been reincarnated, but really resurrected from the dead, giving us (the Christian, born again) a free and direct access to God.



Instrument used by diviner for detecting the "earth rays". It's usually a forked twig taken from a willow tree. Fish bone, metal, and other woods are used also, though less frequently.



Not to be confound with Sabbath, which is the seventh day of the week. God ask the Jews to keep holy (Exodus 20:11). The Latin/French word is mostly associated with witchcraft. The sabbat are periods of time when witches and warlocks gather for devotion to the mother goddess, nature, Satan, etc. (See the witch calendar).



One of the eight sabbat celebrated by witches and other people that are involved in the occult religions. Samhain is the festival that ushers in the season of darkness. According to legend, spirits would roam the countryside on October 31 destroying all that were left not harvested. Samhain is also known as Halloween, yet the latter is usually used. It was associated with the time for contacting the deceased. Halloween customs are derived from ancient Celtic druids and other pagan religious customs.



It means an adversary, an opponent. The chief of fallen spirits or demon (See Devils).



It is commonly referred to as devil worship. Satanism is the general term for worship of the Biblical once called Lucifer (see Genesis 3:1-15 , Isaiah 14:12 -14 and Ezekiel 28:12 -14 for Lucifer's fall in he Bible), or now commonly known as Satan, from he greek meaning the adversary. One thing I need to clarify. Satanism should not be confused with witchcraft, though from a Christian perspective, they can be put in the same basket, for both are part of the occult. The story of modern Satanism begins with the life of Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). Though He never considered himself a Satanist, yet his writings and teachings on magick did influence modern Satanism (Crowley spelled the word magic, note the ‘k' at the end of magic). There are those Satanists (individuals or groups), who do not necessarily believe that Satan is real metaphysical being, but merely the symbol or personification of fleshly human desires and appetites while others believe he is a force and/or a being who need to be worshipped. Anton Szandor LaVey founded the church of Satan in 1966 in San Francisco, California. He has his own view of Satanism since he wrote The Satanic Bible. Below are the nine satanic statements taken from: :

Satan represents indulgence [one who forgave] instead of abstinence.

Satan represents vital existence, instead of spiritual pipe dreams.

Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead hypocritical self-deceit.

Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates!

Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek.

Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires!

Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his "divine spiritual and intellectual development", have become the most vicious animal of all!

Satan represents all the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!

Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years! »

Note all that God has created, Satan or one of his followers try to pervert it. In the world, a sign that represents Christianity is the cross. Satanists use the cross, but up-side down and there is also others symbols hey use, such as their statements above, they are doing it to mock Christianity. Most heavy metal bands use many satanic symbols such as the pentagram, the 666 symbol, he goat's head, etc. One of the symbols that represent the Satanists is the pentagram.



Tarot cards is closely related to Fortune-Telling and is using a special pack containing 72 peculiar cards. The origin of the tarot cards is not clearly defined, but is believed to have begun around the year 1400. Gypsies are believed to hold the first set of cards and "they alone" know the secret and its meaning. There are many interpretations to the cards because there are so many interpreters. People using these cards want to gain insight into the future for most of them are afraid of the future. Some believe they are using a spiritual force (ex: Gaia) while others believe with the help of the cards they can tap into the collective unconscious.



A man practicing witchcraft or black arts.



To be continued...

Some underlined words may not be active, because that word is not available as yet (ex: Zodiac)

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